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  • Thursday | 20 February, 2018
  • 10:00
  • AECOC Centro de Formación de Madrid - Avda. del General Perón, 38 - Edificio Master's 1 - Planta 5ª. 28020. Madrid.
  • +34 933 688 506

The connected market and consumer

With the irruption of the digital channel in business, the points of contact between the market and the consumer have multiplied, the latter being the one that decides when, how and through what means to relate to brands and retail. For this reason, companies, and especially those in the BTC sector, must incorporate into their strategies new ways to be relevant and influential throughout the purchase process.

Beyond the growth of the penetration of e-commerce in the global sales of the sector and the influence of the digital channel on the decisions of purchase in the off-line, the retail must continue taking steps towards modernization and together with the manufacturer , to glimpse future technologies, anticipate their impact, analyze their potential and incorporate, in a rational way, those that allow them to be more competitive.


Company profile: Manufacturers / Importers, Wholesalers, Retail distributors and “pure players”, Purchasing Groups and any other operator in the sector.

Assistant profile: General Manager, Manager and Directors of the areas of: digital, e-Commerce, Purchasing, Marketing / Commercial / Sales, Business Development and Operations.


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